Art and Children

There is a commonality between art and children. It’s the immense imagination they have and more importantly, is that they have the courage and fearless strength to express themselves fully, in the most authentic way.

“One needs either a lot of strength or a lot of stupidity not to loose heart.” -Theodor Adorno

Some say, art is the expression of the inner child we have. And as Picasso says, the artist within us gets lost in wonderland by the age of four.

The question here is: how, by going around knowing about the world, gaining knowledge and wisdom and resources, yet at the same time, forgetting it all and become the child inside us?

How do you stay connected with your inner child so to not loose heart and be smashed by the tides of the external world?

Or do you have to be so completely smashed and destroyed and by then you will bring or rebuild your inner child?


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