Right and Wrong.

Why do people like to talk about what’s right or who’s wrong all the time?

And when you think about right and wrong, emotions come with it. When you think about being right, you feel great and you feel like you “won”! But when you think about being wrong, you feel sorry and shameful.

And how do you define right and wrong? From the society? From religion?

So the society says e.g. it’s wrong to steal. Then we accepted that stealing is wrong. And when you steal, you feel sorry and shameful.

What if the society says stealing is the way of living? What if the world tells you stealing is the currency? Then you won’t think that is wrong, and you would feel great to steal because you did it to survive.

That’s just an what-if scenario.

But on our day to day lives, how do you define right and wrong? And should you define right and wrong?

At the end of the day, it’s only a difference in perspective.


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A Visual Storyteller. An INFJ. Travelling is my necessity. Daydreaming is my job. Always dig deeper in everything. Love the extremes, and the unknown. Deeply believe in authenticity, and trying to follow her inner voice.

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