The underlying tone.

When you listen to music, most of us go for the lyrics, or the melody. And we sing along with it, or humming along with the it.

Now try, try listening to what the base is playing, just try to extract the tones and cords of what the base is doing, or the piano, or the violin, or the guitar.

Shift your focus.

It’s hard, but it’s an addiction. An addiction of concentration. Because you need to filter out the main voice. The loudest voice. And concentrate and listen for that smaller voice, what it is doing, its place on this piece of music.

And in this digital world, we have to constantly sift through information, people and things that are although “loud”, but make no necessary values to us.

And centre yourself.

Ask yourself, what is valuable to you instead?

So try it. And train yourself. You’ll get better at filtering out the unnecessary.


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A Visual Storyteller. An INFJ. Travelling is my necessity. Daydreaming is my job. Always dig deeper in everything. Love the extremes, and the unknown. Deeply believe in authenticity, and trying to follow her inner voice.

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