Missing Out.

“The presence of an object is required to make its absence felt.” -Adrienne Rich.

In Taoism, there’s a similar concept of “have” and “don’t have”. You must understand “have” so to understand “don’t have”. It’s like opposites, they work in relatives: tall/short, happy/sad, fun/boring etc. And I guess this is a way we find out what and who is important to us. When we haven’t experienced something, we don’t know, because we never had it, or tried it, so the absence of it makes no difference, because there was no presence. And it’s actually OK, to live like that. Stay the same. And you stick with what you know and don’t know.

But we change. Things change. Even though we don’t actively look for new experience or new things, they come to you from behind. It can be a friend is leaving town, or you lost your computer. And it is only then, the absent of it, the amount of frustration in missing it that tells you how important that thing is, or that person is, to you. Sometimes frustration is small, and you find solution quickly, or you forget about it. But sometimes, frustration can feel like a part of you is missing, it’s to heart, and there’s nothing you can do unless you have it again.

It’s all relative.

And passion, passion is what you feel frustrated the most when you lost it.


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A Visual Storyteller. An INFJ. Travelling is my necessity. Daydreaming is my job. Always dig deeper in everything. Love the extremes, and the unknown. Deeply believe in authenticity, and trying to follow her inner voice.

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