Since when we use languages to communicate? Why is that our default way of communication? Words – yes those very letters that you are reading right now, the combinations of those letters – W-O-R-D – which you made sense of what it means from learning, maybe in school, maybe from experience, maybe from reading. I don’t know. And as you read this, you understand what I have written here because of this “common language” that we speak of.

But why don’t we use pictures to communicate? That’s what people do in ancient times I presume? E.g. They draw a picture of a “mountain” and do some actions and people understand that he’s going to the mountain. And e.g. when we learn what an “apple” means, often we are given a picture or a real object to refer to so that we know ok, this is called an apple. And then when someone tells you about something e.g. “Michelle goes to McDonalds for hamburger.” Your brain may go like this (in split seconds):

A picture of Michelle pops up, and then the picture of the logo McDonald, and a picture of a hand holding a hamburger.

Isn’t it even more straight forward to use pictures? You get to know what type of hamburger she’s having, and also what Michelle looks like at that moment. And if you don’t know what McDonald is at the beginning, you get to know it from the picture. So much more details. And no confusion. Or maybe it’s the fussiness and the gaps in languages that leaves room for people for imagination and that’s why we use languages?

Who knows.


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A Visual Storyteller. An INFJ. Travelling is my necessity. Daydreaming is my job. Always dig deeper in everything. Love the extremes, and the unknown. Deeply believe in authenticity, and trying to follow her inner voice.

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