Be patience,
with the work you do. Nothing comes overnight. 

Be creative,
with every aspects of your life. 

Be kind,
to every single person who come across your path. 

Be water,
with the ups and downs and the comes and goes. Ride with it. 

Be authentic, honest and true
to yourself and others. 

Be one,
with the nature and universe. 



Big little lies

What you see, what you know, seemingly the perfect little lives they have… the others have, what you are jealous of, what you are envious of…. do you, ever know what’s behind that curtain?

Who would, disclose the scars of what they have to the public? These are the little things we keep to ourselves. But, no one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. What you see of others may seem perfect, but it’s all about what you don’t see. That’s the real part of who they are, what their lives is about. The truth. 

We all have our own little lies to tell others, or maybe, how much we are disclosing to others. And same goes to other people. 

The main thing is, whatever you choose to lie to others or disclose to them, do not ever, lie to yourself. Never, lie to your heart. 


The bright screen. 

Is this how it is? Life is about putting your life on a screen with a few text and a photo on one hand and in the other you spend few minutes of everyday scrolling that bright screen?

You put stuff on that virtual space hoping for some reactions (now likes is not the only button anymore), and hopefully for some connections or resonation or even pityness. And then boost each other’s egos and form your own little circles and do that all again? That wheel. You just get sucked into it because everyone around you is doing it.

Human connections. Is this what’s all come down to nowadays?

The virtual love and affections for each other? While the love ones right next to you are simply blank to you?


What happened to mankind?

Neighbours? Do you even talk to them these days?

Sometimes I detest all these high-end technology. I feel sick watching it all. Or maybe I should just be born in the 18th centuries.